Q: What is Doggie Day School?

We offer a unique one of a kind program, Doggie Day School. Dogs learn solid foundation behaviors and socialization all while you are working or adventuring during the day. Our team of certified animal trainers use humane, positive reinforcement training that is based on current scientific research on animal learning and best ethical practices. Our training plans are intended to optimize speed in learning and retention for the dog using rewards-based training. You are busy, let our job be to make this process as efficient and fun as possible. We are strongly against punitive methods in training. So you can rest easy knowing your pets will be cared for and trained like they are our own.

Q: What is the difference between doggie and puppy day-school?

Puppies come to day school from 8 weeks – 16 weeks to take advantage of their critical learning window. Adults can attend from 16 weeks on and we are considered training vs. conditioning at that point of their development

Q: How much is it?

We offer the program as a two week minimum because we want to ensure your dog has time to learn. Classes are held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7:30-12:30.
2 Weeks, 40hrs- $800
4 Weeks, 80hrs – $1,600
**1 Week Add-on Training: $400

Q: Do you offer group training classes?

Yes! We contract with local training companies to offer a diverse training experience. To learn more call Charissa with Alpine Behavior and Training at 970-279-1187 or Tracey Yajko with Tracey Trainer at 970-948-2431

Q: If I am visiting can I send my dog to Doggie Daycare?

Our daycare enrollment is a two day process starting with a temperament test and trial day. That being said it is often not the best option if you are just visiting the Valley. We instead suggest boarding or day boarding your dog while you are enjoying all the Valley has to offer.

Q: What is the difference between Day boarding and Daycare?

Daycare is a doggie play experience. Dogs first go through a temperament test with our on sight trainer and you. She gets a history and ensures safety for your pet and others. Then they do a trial day without you and from there they are enrolled into our daycare program. We do require scheduled days and urge owners to only do daycare every other day. This is $25/half day (less than 4 hours) and $35/full day (more than 4 hours).
Day Boarding allows your pet to stay with us for the duration of one day while you adventure, run errands, etc. they will have access to outdoor space to potty, inside space to relax and rest in a temperature controlled environment, and enjoy any add ons you’d like to provide. This is $20/day.

Q: What vaccinations do I need to have proof of?

Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella

Q: Can I book a grooming appointment?

Yes of course. We have two groomers and they make their own appointments please see “grooming” for their phone number.

Q: Where would my pet be staying if they boarded with you?

We have suits for them to stay in. Our suits are three different sizes to accommodate your pet. We have small, med, and large suits. They all have non-slip flooring, a doggie door for outside access, and are temperature controlled.

Q: Do you have multiple locations

Not yet! But our New Castle CO location is coming soon!

Q: Can we see where our pet is staying?

Of course! We love giving tours and have nothing to hide. Please come check us out!

Q: Do you allow intact animals

Yes, we allow intact males on a case by case basis for all of our provided programs and allow intact females who are not in heat. Females in heat will be asked to be picked up.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

We do require 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your boarding, daycare, day school, grooming or day boarding appointments. If you cancel inside of that 24 hours window we do charge for the full unused appointment. All no call no show appointments will be charged the full amount of your appointment.

Q: Why do you charge for late cancellations or no shows?

We are different from a tangible product in that we can’t just put our services back on the shelf to resell like you would if returning a pair of shoes. Without ample notice, we can’t resell your appointment and in short, that business model is unsustainable. We only have a handful of spots in each appointment slot. Sometimes we have a wait list, but those people need time to rearrange their schedule. The reality is that we can keep our rates reasonable by relying on each person to do their part. It’s part of our mission to provide expert care at a reasonable cost.Thank you for understanding and asking.