Cancelations and NO CALL NO SHOW appointments:
If you must cancel your boarding, day boarding, day training, grooming, or doggie daycare appointment please give us 24 hours notice so that we can offer your slot to other clients who are waiting to schedule with us. There is no charge for rescheduling in more than 24 hours in advance. Cancellations or reschedules made within the 24 hour window of your scheduled appointment will be charged to your package, card on file, or your deposit will be non refundable. If you do not call or show up for your appointment you will be charged the full amount of said appointment. This will be charged to your card on file or be expected to be paid at your future appointment.

In order to participate in Dog Holliday’s offered services your dog must be current on vaccinations according to your veterinarian’s recommendations. We require your dog to have updated Bordetella, rabies, and DPPHL vaccinations unless you can provide a written exemption certificate from your veterinarian, Lepto and K9 influenza are recommended vaccines but not required. Staff must have or have seen a copy with veterinarian letterhead with proof of vaccination.

Treatment of illness:
You agree that In the event that your dog becomes ill while under our care we reserve the right to seek treatment as needed. We will attempt to contact you with any changes in your dog’s health. If a pet were to become deceased while under our care, the remains will be held until arrangements are made with the owner.

Accident and Liability Waiver:
You accept and assume all risks associated with having your pet at Dog Hollidays. These include, but are not limited to, the risks of any and all injuries to yourself, your dog, and any third parties who may be with you; the risks your dog may cause injury to other persons and/or dogs. I hereby waive, release, discharge and agree not to sue, defend and hold harmless Dog Hollidays employees and contractors from any and all injuries, losses, and damages arising from my dogs participation in all Dog Hollidays offered services.

Media Release:
Dog Hollidays has permission to use for promotional purposes photographs and videos taken during your pet’s scheduled time at Dog Hollidays.

Positive Training Approach:
You agree that you have read and understand the following policy. At Dog Hollidays we believe in cultivating positive, life long relationships with dogs using motivational, reward based training and culture. We believe in using scientific learning principles that promote happy humans and happy, healthy dogs. We do not advocate or advise the use of physical force or pain as a teaching method or as punishment for unwanted behavior. This training approach has long since been discarded by most of the training industry as unscientific and unnecessary. We will not use aversive collars during your dogs stay whether in daycare, boarding, or training. Our trainers use clicker training during classes and Day School. Further, please note the use of CHOKE CHAIN, PRONG, or ELECTRIC COLLARS at Dog Hollidays is PROHIBITED. If your dog comes in with an aversive collar it will not be put back on your dog and will be returned to you at the time of pick up.

Daycare Full and Half Day Rules:
You agree that you have read and understand the following policy. A half day of daycare is 4 hours or less. If your dog is here for more than 4 hours they will be charged for a full day of daycare.

Co-mingling in Kennel: (only applicable to owners boarding multiple dogs.)
By initialing below, you give Dog Hollidays permission to board more than one dog together inside one kennel. Intact male and female dogs cannot be boarded together. You understand that the dogs may be fed, nap, and boarded overnight in the same kennel. If your female is in heat she cannot co-mingle.
Initials: __________

Co-mingling Dogs: (only applicable if you sign up for play with other dogs during boarding times.)
You give Dog Hollidays permission to allow your dog outside with other appropriately sized, age, and temperament dogs. You understand the risk and do not hold Dog Hollidays liable for any injuries that may occur. Further are held responsible for any damages or injury your dog causes to another dog or human while co-mingling. Intact animals may be subject to removal from group(s) if they are showing behavior or medical issues.

If food is not provided by the owner we will feed the appropriate food and charge as needed for feedings. If your dog is struggling and staff feel a chew or stuffed Kong would benefit them you will be charged as needed for these add ons.

Aggressive Dogs:
If your pet should bite a person or another animal, the owner agrees to be responsible for any and all related medical bills, recovery costs, loss of income and equipment damage. Dog Hollidays reserves the right to refuse service and/or adjust prices for aggressive or difficult dogs.

Pick up and Drop off:
Daycare is open Monday-Friday during the week (Holiday hours may vary). Check out times are 12:30 for boarding and AM half days of daycare and 5:30 for boarding and PM half days of daycare and full days of daycare. If you are late to pick up your dog they can stay for a full day of daycare and/or they will be boarded overnight. If a staff member is able to stay with your dog until you pick them up a $15 charge per 15 minutes that you are late will be added to your service charge. Drop off hours for daycare are 7:30-8:30am and 1:30-2:30pm. You can drop off your dog for boarding between 7:30 and 5:30 Monday through Saturday. Sunday’s pick up/drop off hours are 7:30am – 11am and 3pm-5:30pm (please ring the doorbell for assistance as there are minimal staff in the building).

Dog Hollidays groomers reserve the right to adjust grooming prices per dog given matting, conditioning of coat, temperament and handling. Dog Hollidays reserves the right to use a muzzle while grooming if necessary. We reserve the right to refuse service for aggressive/difficult dogs at any time before or during grooming and charge an additional handling fee for such dogs in addition to the grooming charge. Your deposit will be retained for no call no show appointments. We reserve the right to refuse services to your dog if deemed infested. The owner will be charged appropriately for the cleaning and sanitization of affected workspaces.