Group Classes

Just like children, it’s important to start teaching your pup well at a young age. This course is designed to build focus, teach the puppy it’s name, establish your bond, and learn the five basic commands – sit, stay, down, heel, and come. This is all done while keeping in mind the puppies short attention span.

THE P’S & Q’S (Adult Obedience Course) – $180.00
In these classes, our trainer will focus on replacing unwanted behaviors with desired behaviors and replace destructive habits with positive outlets. We’ll use techniques like set-up, extinction, and the correctional sequence. Some topics we may cover will be getting into the trash, jumping on people, submissive urination, seperation anxiety, or socialization.

Bucking Broncos (Pre-Agility Course) – $130.00
This 4-week course focuses on canine coordination, surface stability, movement, and introduction to obstacles and equipment. We want to help dogs gain confidence, have a good time, release energy, and build a loving relationship with their owners. Dogs must be 9 months or older, current on their vaccinations, and have the ability to move around quickly and comfortably.

Teenagers! (4-9 Month Olds) – $130.00
This 4-week class is only for dogs who are 4-9 months old. Teenagers, if you will! Maybe they missed out on our puppy class or maybe the just need to brush up on their skills. We will work on sit, down, stay, recall, leash walking and more. Housetraining, chewing, jumping up, and other rebellious teenager behavior will be covered!

Private Lessons

Work one-on-one with our trainer and your dog. Cater each session to your specific wants and needs. This is a great option for dogs that don’t get along with others – a bandit or outlaw, if you will! All private lessons are by appointment only.

  • 4 PRIVATE LESSONS – $280.00
  • 6 PRIVATE LESSONS – $420.00

Board & Train

Transform your hellish hound to a classy canine while you’re away. Our trainer will record a short video of his teachings so you can keep up with the training at home. This is a great option for pet owners who love to multitask! Board & Train is also available to daycare dogs.


Drop-in Classes

These classes will be a one-time, group session. Topics will change weekly. This is a perfect option for dogs who are great but could use a little work on one issue or habit.